Buying a Coleman Hot Tub

coleman hot tub

How can you have a comfortable and relaxing spa experience? By getting yourself the Coleman hot tub; this is an inflatable comparatively inexpensive and portable system that offers the best, hottest and finest spa treats ever especially for people with back problems

The system features

• Heating system

• Insulated cover to minimize heat loss

• Filtration system: the filter cartridge is type VI

• Ground cloth

• Chemical floater

• Heavy duty repair patch

Here are some important facts that make the Coleman hot tub efficient and a worthwhile investment. Be sure to also check out coleman hot tub reviews first too.

1. Easy to setup; It takes about 50 minutes to get everything ready and running. A manual with detailed instructions is supplied along with the equipment. The only instruction I can add is that the “insulation blanket” i.e. The sheet of heavy duty bubble wrap, should be placed with the bubble side facing down under the tub to keep rain and crud out of the voids

2. Gentle bubble jets: These soothing jets of heated water offer you a wonderful treat

3. Energy conservation through Aluminum foils coating and insulated cover to minimize heat loss and keep the water more warm at all time. Additionally, the outer walls of the tub are made of fabric. There are four modes under which it operates. These are

• Both the circulating pump and heater are on. The circulating pump is the one that supplies water through the heater and filtration systems. When both systems are on approximately 1200watts are consumed

• The circulating pump is on but the heater is off.

• The air pump is on. The air pump sucks in air from the outside to help create the bubbles. Approximately 700 watts are consumed

• Everything is off

So at a cost of 15 cents per kilowatt the math sums up to (24hrs X15X1.25Kw) which is a cost of $135 if your system is running all day.

Keeping the temperature setting at 100 degrees also helps conserve energy

4. Express heating system and integrated water filtration: the tub has a two stage heater so that the number of watts it takes in are somewhere between 700- 1200 watts. Additionally, if the water is extremely cold you can switch to the full wattage system.

5. Tranquil spa: despite the combination of heater and pump at the same time, the only sound is a quite hum. This makes it perfect for spa treats.

6. Cushioned comfortable floor. You won’t need a chair like in a real hot tub. The height of the water is at 3’ which makes it easier for a 5’10” person, which is the average height of most people, to fit in comfortably with their arms on the side.

7 it is sturdy. So don’t worry about your weights. The tub can hold four people of average size without falling apart.

8. Mosaic print pool liner with cushioned floor and convenient drain valve

The only problems are:

• The filters clog up quickly. A brown residue is formed which slows down the heating process. Clean up should be done regularly

• The system shuts itself down after 72 hours of running. It has to be checked and reset regularly or you may be disappointed one day when you come home expecting something warm and you get a freezing tub instead

With the above features and proper maintenance practices like cleaning the filtration system often to get rid of oils and other residue, this system can last for a long time. In addition, the manufacture’s warrant responsibilities are adhered to when necessary.

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