Garmin Vivoactive GPS Watch

garmin vivoactive

When it comes to wearable technology Garmin have a have a consistent and rich history of unrivalled success, especially in Sports and fitness gadgets. Garmin Vivocative GPS watch is a loud testimony to this craftsmanship. Garmin who are known from devices like Approach golf GPS devices, Edge bike and Forerunner, have combined all these to come up with the Garmin Vivoactive GPS watch. Here is our Garmin Vivoactive review.


Garmin Vivoactive GPS watch is a high resolution, ultrathin, sun readable color touchscreen display watch with changeable straps. The watch lets you forget that you are wearing it, thanks to 1.3 ounces of weight. The display features 1.4” a sensitive, easy to scroll and highly responsive screen. The battery is pretty impressive, offering 3 weeks watch and activity tracking time and 10 hours on GPS.


This impressive time piece comes with preloaded apps for various sports like running, swimming, golfing and cycling. You can download Apps and customize watch faces to display different data fields thanks to the Connect IQ developer platform. You can also use the Garmin Connect for fitness training with the Vivoactive watch. Garmin Connect also works with Android and iOS phones.

The watch enables you to connect to your smartphone and get alerts via small vibrations and pop ups on the screen. You can keep track on whatever it is you want even without being close to your phone.


Like the other Garmin devices, that is the Forerunner and Edge devices, Vivoactive keeps track of the time, distance, speed, pace and heartrate. You can pair it with Garmin heart rate monitor for optimum tracking. It has an accelerometer built in to be used when there is no GPS, which makes it ideal for indoor use on a treadmill. Auto pause feature allows you to stop whenever you need without interfering with the consistency of your data.

Garmin Vivoactive is water resistant up to 50m and comes in handy when you want to keep track of how many strokes you are doing per minute.

You can easily know where you are on the green in any of the 38,000 downloadable golf courses courtesy of the accurate GPS, unmatched by any sports watch out there. You enjoy an impressive spatial awareness when golfing as Garmin Vivoactive lets you know how far you are from the hole, your position on the green and also keeps track of the stroke play and scores in a competitive play.

Keep track of your daily activity and fitness and know whether you have reached the set targets you have set. An alert is sent to remind you if you have been inactive for a prolonged period of time; something researchers say reduces the body’s ability to produce fat burning enzymes.

Vivoactive Pros.

  • Light weight and waterproof which makes it ideal for all kind of sport.
  • Easy to download apps and customize watch with the Connect IQ feature.
  • Long battery life.
  • Preloaded apps for golf, running, cycling and swimming.
  • Cheaper than other smart watches like the Apple watch.
  • Garmin Connect app for phone and desktop connectivity.
  • Highly accurate GPS.

Vivoactive Cons.

  • Basic black and white colors available.
  • Basic sleep tracking.
  • Not really fashionable outside sporting activity as the other pieces of wearable technology are.

The watch is a real value for money and has more to bring to your wrist than any other piece of wearable technology in its league.