What are the Benefits of Choosing a Nanny to Care for your Child?


Choosing the right childcare option for you and your child can be a difficult decision. It can be hard to know what to do for the best. There are so many different choices available, and they all offer clear advantages and disadvantages. So which option should you choose? If you’re considering looking at London nannies to look after your child, you’re not alone. There are some big advantages to choosing a nanny – let’s take a look at some of them:

Your child will be cared for at home

One of the best parts of choosing a nanny to look after your child is that they will be able to stay at home. This works really well if routinely is important to you, and it’s also great if taking your child out of their natural environment is a big problem to you. You know that your child will feel safe and comfortable, with all their own belongings around them.

Your child being cared for at home is a lot more convenient than taking them to an outside childcare provider. It removes a lot of the stress that comes from being a working parent – as it removes some of the time pressures – there’s a lot less reason to worry if you’re running late than there would be if your child was in a nursery. It’s a lot more relaxed, meaning when you get there all you have to do is enjoy the rest of your evening with them before they go to bed.

Your child will receive more attention

A nanny can provide one on one care for your child when you’re not there. They don’t have to look after other children at the same time, which means you get to decide with them exactly what activities they will be doing throughout the day. You can make sure they’re having a balanced day, with lots of stimulation and fun. Choosing to hire a nanny means you can go to work safe in the knowledge that your child will be looked after well.

A nanny can look after older children too

Having a nanny means they can really get involved with the family routine. If you have more than one child they can look after them at the same time meaning siblings won’t have to be separated. If you have older children a nanny can help with the school run, helping with homework as well as taking them to after-school activities. Hiring a nanny to care for your children means they won’t have to miss out on anything just because you’re not there.

When your child is ill

Nurseries are quite strict when it comes to illness. When there are other children there, it’s important that illnesses aren’t spread – and that’s why you normally have to wait at least 24 hours before your child can return to being ill. There is also the possibility they could contact you at work when your child is ill-meaning you’ll have to leave early. Having a nanny is not only more convenient for working parents when it comes to illness – it’s also better for the child. You know they will get all the time they need to recover at home, without having to rush back because you can’t get the time off work.

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