Why You Should Support Your Local Art Shop

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Art is a very unique talent that is not only expressive of the society’s culture, but also a skill that feeds many mouths besides warming the hearts of art fans. Local artists have been bringing their art to galleries and local art shops for display of their unique skills and demonstrations as a way of both reflecting the society’s imaginations and anticipating sales for sustaining the talent. The problem, however, according to Bjelajac (2005), is that majority of local artists suffer from meager sales, mainly as a result of the saying that goes; ‘a prophet is never recognised in his hometown’. But before considering that piece of art from abroad, here are some of the main reasons you should support your local the art shop.

Promote your Community

Buying art at your local community means that the creative imaginations which are mostly created using the local fabric, designs, and tastes, remain within the community. This contributes in building a culture and a strong character that makes outside people attracted and even desire to be part of it. One renowned art scholar Baumeister (2013) argued that for a culture to bloom and remain rooted, is people must be willing to participate in its development. What other better way to demonstrate that participation other than for artists to produce it and buyers to consume it?

Economic Reasons

Buying from local shops not only promotes the community’s culture, it also promotes the community’s economy as well as the artists’ pockets. Ask any economist and they will tell you that one of the fundamental pillars of the economy is employment. If more and more people purchased from their local shops, that would mean a higher employment rate for people, including shop keepers, painters, designers, and employees. The increased money in their pockets will then translate to a better economy within the community.


Arts at the local shop have the ability to be authentic because they are handmade and by people we may know too well. Moreover, it is easier to find art that express objects that are dear to us at the local shop than in shops far away. For example, drawings of local revered people, or fabric that is embedded in the culture of the local people.


Considering local arts sold at local shops are mainly done by local people, the cost to create them and costs of sales are relatively low, meaning that their price is also lower than arts displayed in high-end exhibitions or in overseas shops. Moreover, since most in art products are sold based on their value, the value is always low at the local shops than in other shops.

Long-term Experience

Art has an ability of not only expressing the artist’s emotions, values, and inspiration, it also does the same for the user of the art. For example walking into someone’s home adorned with art, it is easier to tell what they love, and where they draw their inspiration from, just by looking at the kind of art they have. The same way, artists can predict the same by observing what kind of art their customers purchase, hence produce more or better in that line so as to keep those customers coming. At the local shop, it is much easier to go back for more than it would for a distant place. Thus, for someone who would want consistency and long-time experience of collecting artistic products, a local shop would be a good idea.

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